About Us


The Society of Atlantic Heroes (SOAH) is a regional non-profit organization that provides veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and community first responders with a safe haven to deal with serious personal challenges that lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) as a result of Occupational Stress Injuries.   The SOAH will establish a Transition Support Centre of Excellence (Atlantic House)  that will host a framework of support services to deliver holistic care to veterans and families. 

Veterans Ombudsman, Guy Parent strongly urged the federal government to take immediate action: “There are real veterans out there, with real needs that need action now. Every day we wait to fix these problems is another day they have to suffer needlessly.” In his scathing review of the New Veterans Charter, Parent reports serious flaws: insufficient financial support; insufficient vocational rehabilitation and assistance; insufficient family support; and insufficient counseling and education for veterans with mental health problems. If more veterans have committed suicide than were killed in combat, clearly mental health funding must go to the top of the list.


PURPOSE - To seek funding that will provide interest only income to establish supportive housing and facilitate integrated support services.

TRUSTEES - The Society is governed by the Board of Trustees who are elected. Each Trustee serves without compensation.

GIFTS TO THE FOUNDATION - Gifts may be made in cash, life Insurance, endowments, bonds, real or personal property of any kind. The Society will also accept air miles. 

Your generous financial support will help the Society to expand this vital work.  Its time for our community to step up and Support our Heroes.