Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible to stay at Atlantic House Apartment you must be a member of one of the following groups:
Full time and Reservist members of the Canadian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force)
Full time and Reservist members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Emergency First Responder Services (Paramedic, Police Officer, Fire Fighter)
Canada Border Services Agency
Corrections Officers
Canadian Coast Guard
Emergency Dispatchers
Ground Search and Rescue
Conservation Officers
Retired member of the listed groups
The individual and/or immediate family (husband, wife, common law partner, children) must travel away from home (in excess of 100km) to receive medical treatment in the Halifax Regional Municipality
Referrals for occupancy are provided by service agencies including the Royal Canadian Legion, Veterans Affairs Canada, Provincial Firefighters, Police, EHS Associations, as well as your medical professional.  Other eligible groups will require signed referral from their union and/or association authority as well as the relevant medical professional.  These agencies will be responsible for verifying individual’s entitlement on the requisite application form. 
The existence of the Society of Atlantic Heroes is based wholly on the provision of safe, secure, housing in a close-knit community atmosphere of sharing and caring for one another. Our goal is to enhance and promote individual well-being through coordinated supports and community involvement.