How To Apply

Step 1
Submit a referral form.  Download our referral form here.  The referral form must be fully completed and signed by a referring agent and your medical professional.  A referring agent can be a superior officer or direct supervisor who represents your association and/or former service affiliate. Once the application is complete please scan the document as a pdf file, and email the completed form to the Society of Atlantic Heroes:
Step 2
Once received, the referral will be reviewed and a member of Society of Atlantic Heroes staff will contact you directly. On notification that your application has been accepted and confirmed you will be asked to fill out a release form on the date of your arrival.  
Please note that the maximum length of time for an initial stay is up to two weeks.  Extensions are approved on the basis of room availability during the requested period of the extension.
If you have any questions regarding a stay at the Atlantic House Apartment please don’t hesitate to call us on 1-833-213-HERO (4376) or email us at